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the blind man

And as he sat down remembering

Tears came unbidden and the blind man wept

His mind wandering to when he was young and pattering

Walking here and there, no worries, not bereft


And he came upon a piece of glory

Awakening in itself and to the world

A piece that at the same time said please and sorry

And offered gratitude and shame, a station and a whirl


And the sun obscured by the clouds procured

A promise that there was more to life than brilliance

That gold and varnish and glitter could be cured

Becoming more in their dullness enough to send you into a trance


And the crown of white it stopped and settled

Over the mountain range so gray and hard

The wind it blew it puffed it meddled

It’s mouth unsettled it chewed the curd


And the curtain from this sight was drawn

The promise of beauty soon to be revealed

He stared and waited still but it was gone

Beauty before him but his sight repealed


And so for centuries he tried to build

What he almost beheld he fought all odds

It was useless without admission into the guild

Of builder, craftsmen and painter gods


And so they sentenced him

That council supreme

For almost seeing

To a life grown dim



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