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I pledge allegiance.

I pledge allegiance only to revolution
For even its aftermath is only disillusion
The fruits it promised the bitterness it delivers
The generals who led it and the soldiers who made it
were grotesque in the areas they were once great
the grey in their hair matching the black in their souls

I pledge allegiance only to revolution
The act, the whirlwind , the storm
I decry all that comes after
The settling of scores, the sharing of spoils
I denounce all that came before
The palaces of gold, the thrones of sores
I pledge allegiance only to revolution

I pledge allegiance only to revolution
To the young people in impassioned arguments
To the old feeling their hearts stir up again
To those who take to the streets
To those who say, we will never, ever march to your beats
To those screaming for lack of a better world
To those scheming and needing lack to better us
I pledge allegiance only to revolution!!!
Viva La Revolucione

I pledge allegiance only to the revolution
This my friends is my resolution
Look around and all you see is governments beyond absolution
Politicians and former revolutionaries pleading change by evolution
As if a small measure, spoonful of medicine is our solution
We need to break the bonds, pare down the pollution
Turn down complacency, apathy, attrition of our idealism, our confusion
And remember and live for the revolution.


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